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Magufuli sacks official after public dress down – VIDEO

Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli has sacked an official whom he scolded publicly after she failed to recall the amount of money allocated to her district for public works.

The incident happened live on television when President Magufuli toured the lakeside town of Bukoba for the launch of a new airport.

During the event, the president called the director of the Bukoba Rural Municipal Council, Mwantum Kitwana Dau to publicly explain the amount allocated to her district.

Ms Mwantum could be seen projecting an uneasy calm while answering President Magufuli who kept interjecting.


She could not answer his questions and even suggested that the accounting officer joins her to explain the exact allocation.

Mwantum told the president that she oversees many departments and was unable to recall the exact budget.

“You can’t talk to me like that,” President Magufuli interjected.

Ms Mwantum, along with the director of the Bukoba Municipal Council Erasto Aron Mfugale were then dismissed hours after the public scolding.

The two join thousands of civil servants who have been sacked by President Magufuli since he took office under the slogan, “hapa kazi tu.”


The President has gone on record stating that he will continue ensuring government officials effectively deliver services to wananchi.

“I will continue to straighten out those few people who have been looting this country in order to ensure that the majority of the population can reap the benefits,” he said.

President Magufuli, who served as the public works minister for nearly 20 years before becoming president, is widely known for having data at his fingertips and frequently recites monetary figures and exact lengths of roads to their decimal points without referring to notes.