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Magufuli: We’ll pray for Coronavirus to end

Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli appears to have shifted his stance over the state of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Speaking on Friday at the funeral of Amb. John Kijazi in Dar-es-Salaam, the Head of State appeared to acknowledge the presence of the virus in the country.”There are some deadly respiratory diseases that are with us, but originated from elsewhere,” he said, as quoted by Mwananchi.

“We should not be scared or worried. Maybe we have wronged God, or we are undergoing temptations like the Israelites once did. We will win this battle as we did last year.”

But Magufuli also announced he will not lock down the country following the latest rise in coronavirus cases in the country.

“The economy is growing. We did not lock down (the economy) last year and we will not lock it down this year because we know God will lead us through.

“Magufuli last year announced the country was free of coronavirus, thanks to what he said was consistent prayers.

But there have been reports of prominent deaths in the recent past linked to the virus.

And as the situation appeared to worsen, the United Kingdom has also barred people from Tanzania from travelling to London over this development.