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Maina Kageni ‘bails out’ whistling TikToker Priscilla wa Imani with fare and lunch

By Freya Wanjiku February 8th, 2023 2 min read

Whistling TikToker, Priscilla wa Imani, jokingly asked for bus fare from radio presenter Maina Kageni and the latter gladly obliged with a bailout for content creator.

Kageni, responded to the TikToker’s ‘distress call’ after she posted a video of herself ‘stranded’ at a bus stop within Nairobi’s CBD.

“Maina Kageni? Priscilla Waimani here at Nyamakima, fare has run out. Maina, please help with fare,” Priscilla Wa Imani, who gained fame for her videos of whistling loudly at various locations, appealed to Kageni in the video.

To this, Kageni responded in tweet saying: “Aisee Priscilla wa Imani, we have a date. Nimekutumia fare pamoja na lunch. Kuja tupatane flyover saa tisa on the dot!”

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While her videos have been trending, what many of her fans may not know is that Priscilla is also a gospel singer with two albums to her name.

During an interview with SPM Buzz, Priscilla credited her husband for giving her the freedom to express herself and pursue her passion. She also acknowledged the support of her three children.

“My children have been very supportive. Then my husband has also been very supportive. I want to tell all men in Kenya, you are blessings to us, but there are many talents buried within,” she said.

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“My talent which is trending right now is my husband. Because my husband didn’t see me as crazy, there was no place I couldn’t go. But when you leave home with joy, that’s when you have the ability to shout in front of people without stress,” she said.

Owing to the nature of her videos, Priscilla’s sanity has been questioned by some, a notion she has since dispelled.

Priscilla also has political ambitions, have unsuccessfully contested the MCA seat in Salama Ward under the Azimio la Umoja ticket.

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