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Maina Kageni to Kenyan women: Dump him if he doesn’t propose

By Nicole Kendi January 31st, 2023 2 min read

Classic FM radio presenter Maina Kageni has advised women to leave men who don’t have any plans of proposing to them.

Speaking during the morning breakfast show on Classic 105, Maina told women that staying with men havent proposed to them is a waste of time as they (the women) get comfortable and settle for the status quo. 

“Never ever stay with a man who hasn’t proposed to you. Unless he has put a ring on your finger, otherwise you will be like a sofa set in his sitting room,” said Maina. 

The prominent media personality added that women should date with a timeline because a man may date them for years without proposing only to marry a woman he has met in just a few weeks.

He also noted that having a kid or two for a man does not necessarily put a label on the kind of relationship a woman shares with a man.

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“Date but put a timeline. A man might date you for years without proposing but he will meet a woman after 30 days and marry her. Why would you stay with such a man? Having one or two kids for a man is not a status,” he said.

“There are some men who have never even met your parents in 10 years and you think he is your man for real?” Maina added.

The radio presenter said also advised women to propose to their men if their relationship comes close to two years without any progress. 

“If he has been with you for more than a year and he has never proposed, propose to him yourself. “

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In a previous interview, the celebrated media personality said has no plans to marry noting that marriage is not for everyone. 

Speaking to Jalang’o, Maina said that he doesn’t like the commitment that comes with marriage, as men are always trying to impress their partners, something he doesn’t subscribe to. 

During the same interview, he also said he likes his freedom and will not stand asking for permission from his wife whenever he wants to do something.

“Mimi ni mtu wa freedom… sai tuseme Corona imeisha na naamka nasema I want to be in US in two weeks na ninaenda. Do you think you can do that when you are married? You have to ask your wife and that’s what I have got a problem doing,” he said.

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