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Maina Kageni: Why I begged Sanaipei Tande to have my baby

Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni has revealed that his celebrity crush is singer Sanaipei Tande.

Maina made the revelation during a Q&A session on his YouTube page after one of his fans asked him who his celebrity crush was.

“Avril, I love you so much; you are a beautiful woman, but Sanaa, you are a sexy woman, and you sing like hell,” Maina gushed.

Maina went on to reveal that he had asked Sanaipei to have his baby.

This, according to Maina, happened when Sanaipei was his colleague at Kiss FM.

“I actually made an indecent proposal to her, I told her, I don’t want a relationship but have a baby for me. And she used to joke around the corridors, baba nani, mama nani when I told her I was dead serious. Coz, she just got all the genes you would want in a baby aki Sana aliundwa on a Sunday,” Maina added.

Another fan asked if he kissed her to which Maina responded: “Deep!”

Maina also confessed he believes in the institution of marriage but it’s probably not meant his ilk.

“Yes, I believe in the marriage institution but marriage is not for everyone,” he said.