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Wrong side? Kenyans say the country is heading in the wrong direction

A majority of Kenyans feeling the country is moving in the wrong direction.

As per statistics released by InfoTrak, 62 per cent of Kenyans feel the trajectory of President Ruto’s government is off the radar. This compared to 22% who say everything is okay.

Meanwhile, 15% are uncertain of whether the path is right or wrong.

The data further indicates residents in Central and North Eastern recorded the highest percentage of Kenyans who felt the government is in the right direction at 31 and 30 per cent respectively.

On the flip side, 75% and 66% of Kenyans in the Western, Eastern, and Nyanza regions felt the government is heading in the wrong direction.

In regards to gender, 61% of females and 63% of males feel the government is moving in the wrong direction.

Taking into account ages, 63 per cent of both 27-35-year-olds and 36-45-year-olds account for the highest percentage of age groups that feel Dr Ruto’s administration is headed in the wrong direction.

Further all age groups gave the administration a below 25 per cent in regards to moving in the right direction.

The 22% who felt that Kenya is headed in the right direction shared that they made the ruling in regard to peace and harmony in the country and unity between the president and ministers.

The three factors accounted for 22, 16, and 16 per cent.

On the contrary, 62% of Kenyans who felt that the country was headed in the wrong direction said that the high cost of living, high taxes imposed on people, and unemployment informed their choice. In regard to the three factors accounted for 73, 5, and 5 per cent.

Since his ascension into power, President Ruto has been promising Kenyans he would lower the cost of living which grapples Kenyans.

The cost of living debate has been there since the campaign period and was also enshrined in his manifesto. At first, Dr Ruto promised to lower the cost of living 100 days after assuming office.

However, when the time elapsed, Dr Ruto blamed the previous regime saying that it would take time to lower the cost of living.

“We didn’t get here overnight. It was after a series of wrong decisions. We will not get out of it by magic. We will get out of it through a series of prudent decisions that must be made,” he said.

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