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Make your own money before you get married, Sanapei Tande tells women

Soulful Chanteuse and actor Sanapei Tande has advised women to ensure they have their own money before getting married.

The 38-year-old, who is on record for saying she is in no rush to settle down, believes most women blunder when they blindly rush into marriage without something of their own therefore ending up on the fringe when the union collapses.

“Having a job is very important. If you have a job and it pays, stick with it. It’s because we have seen people breaking up and they are in situations where they can’t cater for themselves. You must have something of your own, even if your man wants to take care of you, because you never know (about) tomorrow,” Sanapei said.

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In a past interview, Sanapei said she desires to get married someday, but that is not her ultimate goal.

“People tell me things about marriage, like you are old and you need to get married. It saddens me since I am left wondering, is that the only goal,” she said.

The singer-cum-actress also said marriage isn’t a sign of success in life.

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“(To those who think so) You are still living in that era where if you are not married then you are not successful – that is very sad, it’s a lot to deal with for someone viewing it like that,” she said.

Regardless, Sanapei said in the event she gets married she would love to have children of her own.

“I’d like to be a mother of two. If they come as twins, I am done,” she added.

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