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Lesbian Makena Njeri lands new bae

By Naira Habib December 16th, 2021 2 min read

Is singer Karen Kaz the new partner of former journalist Makena Njeri?

And is she also the reason for her split up with her entrepreneur Mitchell Ntalami?

Well, Kenyans online seem to think so if this post by Karen is anything to go by.

Karen wrote a sweet message to Makena thanking her for coming into her life and nudging her in the right direction.

She also thanked her for being patient with her and showing her warmth, understanding, peace, and love.

“Fada ghad! I dey tenk you!! This littu pumpkin of mine came into my life at a time when I literally was looking in the opposite direction but didn’t know that I needed them. They have been light, warmth, understanding, peace and love,” Karen Kaz said.

“I am grateful I get to experience different kinds and varieties of love in my life. because I’m not one to hold out on love. Ask those that know me!!! So @makenanjeri Chris, pumpkin, Malenege ?. Nakumind sana! Thank you for being patient with me… I know we will grow into the highest divinity!! And I’m here for the ride!

I love you ❤️,” she added.

Makena then responded with her own romantic message.

“My carrot ?. The garden is looking up ?. Thank you for all the beautiful affirmations and love that you have brought into my life! Kazy Kaz you have a soul. I love you ❤️ Also who is malenge?” replied Makena.

The public show of affection comes a few weeks after Makena was involved in a nasty breakup with long-time girlfriend Mitchell Ntalami.

Ntalami accused Makena of ‘serial infidelity’ with multiple partners including a public figure.

She claimed that the reason she decided to air their dirty laundry was for her own sanity as she was slowly losing her mind with numerous questions from fans and friends on why she is no longer seen hanging out with Makena or posting pictures of the two of them together on social media.