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Makena Njeri: I’m single now but Mitchelle Ntalami will always be in my life

Bold Network Africa CEO Makena Njeri has revisited the hot subject of her broken relationship with beauty and lifestyle Instagram influencer Mitchelle Ntalami.

While revealing that she is currently single, Makena said her ex-girlfriend will always be a part of her life.

“Mitchelle is always someone who is always going to be in my life. That’s all I can say,” Makena said in a recent interview.

However, Makena remained non-committal on whether or not she was truly in a romantic relationship with Mitchelle.

“No comment. I don’t think we need to go down that road. I think I have answered enough. I am single, any other speculations I have answered. I think people’s private life should be left alone and that’s exactly why I have no comment,” said Makena.

The former TV producer also said she has no plans of getting back to full employment in the media industry as she is currently focused on building her organization.

“I am living my dream as a journalist running my own organization, which involves things that revolve around media. Consultancy gigs, I will always be willing to do all those different kinds of things, but going back to full-time employment? Not at this particular moment. I don’t think so. I’m really focused on my company and that’s the goal,” said the former Tahidi High actress.