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Making a case for male-female non-sexual relationships

Not every friendship between a male and female ends up in “bestie, bestie, chubwi”!

While society has created space for such fake BFF friendships to exist and allow wolves in sheep’s clothing to bide their time in the friendzone, there are legitimate, non-sexual relationships existing out there between a guy and a girl.

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Larry Madowo and Edith Kimani could be a good example of this, judging by their social media captions when they spend time together. But because of this “chubwi” business, people often think they used to be undercover lovers.

Yes, it is difficult for people to accept that there could be a platonic relationship between a man and a woman, especially if they are romantically linked to either the guy or the chick in the friendship.

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But there are reasons why some people opt to have besties of the opposite gender, particularly if they had been betrayed by a same gender friend before.

Nairobi News, therefore, makes the case for how platonic relationships between opposite genders can be genuine and why it is a good thing for many people:

  1. A best friend of the opposite gender can offer a different viewpoint and provide insights that may differ from those of your own gender. This can broaden your understanding of diverse experiences, perspectives and opinions.
  2. Opposite gender friendships can provide a different type of emotional support and understanding. They may offer a distinct approach to communication, problem-solving, and empathy which can complement and enrich your own experiences.
  3. A close friendship with someone of the opposite gender can challenge and break down gender stereotypes. By fostering a strong bond and connection, you can cultivate a more inclusive and open-minded perspective, promoting equality and understanding between genders. To break the gender stereotypes, a woman can teach a man things that are ‘preserves’ for women such as home cleaning and organization; and personal hygiene and fashion while a man can teach a woman all about mechanics and investments- a gender stereotype preserved for men.
  4. Opposite gender best friends can offer valuable insights and advice when it comes to relationships and dating. They can provide a unique perspective on romantic interests, help decipher the thoughts and behaviors of the opposite gender and offer guidance in navigating potential challenges such as unfaithfulness and break ups.
  5. Regardless of gender, a best friend is someone with whom you can share common interests, hobbies, and activities. Having an opposite gender best friend can provide companionship, camaraderie, and the opportunity to engage in activities that you both enjoy. And the best part? There is no pressure to this kind of relationship like those of romantic relationships where a certain give and take is expected.

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