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Making your man stay shouldn’t be too much work

By MAGGIE SHIKS February 11th, 2018 2 min read

As I was having my daily ritual – don’t get too shocked, I don’t practice sorcery – I came across something written “How to Make Your Man Stay” Wow!

At this point my eyes were scrunched tight in anticipation and my mouth wide open, you could tell that I was more curious than that cat they keep mentioning… at the end of the day who wouldn’t like their men to stay and not only stay, but stay in.

My Internet by that time needed some spanking to function, and hurriedly I did just that, careful enough not to get out of character – I mean the anticipation look – finally just after one last buffer, it stabilized Sigh!!!

1. Give him space – First of all, a man needing space interprets something different to a woman, it feels like rejection, like he’s saying that the time you spent together didn’t matter to him, or he didn’t enjoy it. On the contrary, a woman wants the closeness to continue so that she can feel safe and secure in a relationship.

2. Make things more exciting – Come one guys, don’t you think we have too much on our plates as ladies to even make things exciting for ourselves, leave alone to the significant other? It feels like back in the day when our teacher gave us an assignment to write an essay and anticipated some thrill. That was hard already right. This actually feels like too much work. Perhaps I should be his entertainer and actually that would work best if I was looking for a job

3. Watch your body language – They say when couples make love, fight, hug, even watch movies, their bodies speak volumes about the state of their relationship. I agree, but this is only seen by the third party. I believe that your man should be your best friend and that means that you do not have to watch anything or be cautious around him. At the end of the day it would feel like he is a parent rather than ‘my man’.

4. Show affection – This I would gladly do. It means that I’m selfless around him, so it shouldn’t be work because when you love someone it comes as a bonus. But on the flip side, if its only showed by one party, then it means there is a problem.

5. Give up being right – Wow! Gone are the days when we women kept quiet because we were afraid of speaking out. I have seen the girl child evolve from such ‘old school” beliefs. There are no two ways to being right, I say being RIGHT is just RIGHT.

I took a deep breath after the breakdown. It seems more of a job than a relationship. And I couldn’t help but wonder “So how much are they paying for this job?”