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Kenyans have their say on ‘record speed’ of wife batterer’s jailing

The speed with which the criminal justice system moved to convict Daudi Nzomo, the Makueni wife batterer, has divided opinion among Kenyans on social media

Just five days after being arrested, after a video showing him savagely battering his wife Winfred Mwende in public went viral, Mr Nzomo was on Wednesday sentenced to 12 years in prison.

But that is not what has set tongues wagging on social media. It is the speeding with which the matter was concluded.

Mr Nzomo became a person of interest after the video of him raining blows and kicks on his wife for allegedly cheating on him went viral.


Daudi Nzomo: Makueni monster husband jailed for 12 years

The horrific video captured the attention of the Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji who ordered for his immediate arrest.

On Wednesday, while delivering the sentence, Makueni Senior Principal Magistrate James Mwaniki said he considered Nzomo’s criminal records which show he has been violent.

Kenyans on Twitter however found it curious that Mr Nzomo’s case was quickly handled while files of mega corruption cases in the country continue gathering dust on the corridors of justice.

KOT cited examples of cases like the NYS scandals and the Ruaraka land saga. Here are some of their views:

@JoshTheChelsea tweeted, “”Daudi Nzomo” earns a 12yr Jail Term for beating his wife WHILE those who have been buttering and milking public resources through corruption walk free. MUNGU ANAWAONA.”

@King’ori Mwangi said, “If the Kenyan courts and @ODPP_KE moved with half the speed they did for Daudi Nzomo! And dealt with corruption Methinks Kenya would be so far ahead. Lakini maskini na tajiri haki kweli tofauti!”

@platuex wrote, “Good Daudi Nzomo must learn his lesson! However, we note the speed at which his case has been dispensed while NYS, KPLC,NCPB and KPC are still rotating in court.”

@NaitaledKE commented, “Only if our courts could have handled all the mega corruption cases in Kenya swiftly with an electronic speed like they’ve handled this “Daudi Nzomo” assault case, Kenya would be among the top 3 corruption-free countries in the world. Justice for the poor is very easy.”

@Kabanya said, “DAUDI NZOMO, the man captured on video assaulting his wife jailed for 12 years while leaders implicated in corruption cases still roam the streets free… USHENZI.”

@Mcgoga1 tweeted, “Daudi Nzomo case, the practice of the law, the rich tend to do well in the courts to the extent of defying court orders. The verdict of the poor is usually harsh I don’t know whether the offences are usually so violent. We have seen the rich kill and walk scot free. @Judiciary.”

@Jhoki_Ke said, “The evidence of a poor man’s crime seems soon great leading to swift sentencing… unlike the evidence of a rich fellows accused of economic crimes. We have never jailed anyone for economic crimes in Kenya…we are yet to extradite others to some country.”