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Malawian comedian mad at Kenya for denying girlfriend entry

Malawian comedian Daliso Chaponda is in town for the Laugh Festival Africa comedy show that is going down tonight but he is not exactly a happy man.

The UK-based performer and other comedians were at a press conference at Amber Hotel for the expected show when he revealed to Nairobi News that his female companion whom he was travelling with had been turned back after they made a stop in Rwanda.

When asked about his current relationship status, Chaponda, who has toured five continents with his comedy act, replied:

“It’s complicated. I have a lady who was meant to come here, and then your crazy rules… She was in Rwanda on the way here and she wasn’t carrying her Yellow Fever certificate; they made her go back. Apparently she couldn’t even get the shot at the check point; very, very backward. So that’s really irritating, but anyway…”

But besides the mention of the incident and that there is a lady interest, Chaponda wasn’t divulging any more information on how serious or even the identity of his “lady”.


He was, however, still upbeat about the show and promised to give a performance worth the Sh2,000 (regular) and Sh4,000 (VIP) that fans are paying to attend.

“I believe that the jokes that make people explode have to be current and something people haven’t thought of. Here, I guess whoever does the best joke about this guy, Koffi, kicking his women is going to get the best laughter. There’s no universal answer and that’s why we have to keep writing jokes,” said Chaponda.

He said the secret to getting a lot of laughter from his jokes, is because people love laughing about things they shouldn’t.

His jokes trod on taboo subjects, where he has to strut the line of being funny without crossing over and becoming offensive when cracking jokes.

The Laugh Festival Africa lineup will also include Churchill, Professor Hamo and Aman from Kenya, with other international acts included being Salvado (Uganda), Nkusi Arthur (Rwanda), Carl Ncube (Zimbabwe), Eddie Kadi (DR Congo) and Ndumsio Lindi (South Africa).