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Pair of male lions captured on camera ‘roaring with laughter’ at Masai Mara – PHOTOS

By CHAD KITUNDU November 28th, 2018 1 min read

Pictures of two male lions at Masai Mara National Park appearing to be ‘roaring with laughter’ after sharing a ‘private joke’ while taking a leisurely stroll at the park have shared online.

The pictures were taken by 49-year-old photographer Rose Fleming from South Carolina, who says she was surprised by the behavior of the wild cats and the impression, as if the lions are laughing at a joke told.


“Their faces looked like they heard a joke that made them laugh,” Fleming commented on her pictures.

With their noses scrunched up and tongues out, the two big cats look like they were having a hearty laugh as they stroll through the world famous national park.


Fleming was on a game watchers safari in the Olare Motorigi Conservancy when she spotted the two lions hanging out together.

The textile designer said she has never seen such funny behaviour from lions before, describing the experience as ‘freakin awesome’.

While this was her first trip to Kenya, Fleming, who has been taking photos for ‘as long as she can remember’, would love to return to photograph the lions again.