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Malia Obama’s Kenyan suitor converts to Islam

A Kenyan lawyer who expressed interest to marry President Barack Obama’s first born daughter has converted to Islam.

Felix Kiprono, who hit the headlines after announcing that he was offering 50 cows, 70 sheep and 30 goats as dowry for Malia Obama, says he ditched Christianity after being introduced to Islam by a lady friend.

The 24-year-old lawyer said he made the decision back in 2012 and has even issued a certificate of conversion at Jamia Mosque.

“My Islam name is Adnan and it is included among my four names in the conversion certificate that I acquired from religious leaders,” he told Nairobi News.


Kiprono said he has adopted the name Adnan but is yet to change his official documents.

“I am finishing Tawhid classes in October this year and that is when I will go ahead and change all my documents,” said Mr Kiprono.

Tawhid is a doctrine of Islam that declares the unity and uniqueness of God as the creator and sustainer of the universe.

Asked if he is fasting during this month of Ramadhan, the soft spoken lawyer replied to the affirmative and added that he has been studying the Quran.

The lawyer however said he does not hope to meet his potential father-in-law when President Obama visits the country next week for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi.

He said culture does not allow for a suitor to meet his potential father-in-law in such a manner. He said he will leave it to the discretion of the President Obama and First Lady Michelle to consider his marriage proposal.


“Malia is still a minor and it is only her parents who can advise on such an issue. So I do not intend to snoop into the first family’s affairs in case they decide to visit the country with the President next week. I will patiently wait for them to decide on my fate,” said Kiprono.

Kiprono is currently pursuing a master’s degree in law at Oxford University in the United Kingdom.