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Malls, supermarkets flouting Covid-19 measures risk closure

Health CAS Dr Rashid Aman has warned malls and supermarkets flouting state Covid-19 guidelines by allowing crowding in their facilities that they risk closure.

Dr Aman said such facilities face closure for endangering the lives of Kenyans by also ignoring social distancing rules meant to contain the spread of coronavirus.

This is after a spot check done by the health ministry revealed that malls and supermarkets are slowly allowing in more persons than allowed at a given time.

Lowering our guard, he said, would be a very dangerous thing for Kenyans.

“For example here in Nairobi you will find the malls and supermarkets are fully packed. I want to caution the management of such facilities like supermarkets, malls and others that are not adhering to the measures that we have put in place including social distancing and the number of persons that can enter the facilities at a given time.

“These facilities face closure if they fail to abide by the guidelines of the government,” Dr Aman warned.

The CAS noted that in most urban areas life is slowly coming back to normal and cautioned Kenyans against taking the measures lightly as the country is yet to register victory over the virus.

“We have observed in most urban centres life has come back to almost normal. In the past few weeks we have seen traffic increase, and it does worry us that we are coming back and we are in a state of normalcy,” he said.

He added: “It does worry us that we are coming back and thinking that we are in a state of normalcy. We are still combating this disease we have not yet registered victory over this disease.”