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Lucy Kibaki spends second day in city hospital

Former First Lady Lucy Kibaki spent a second day at Nairobi Hospital, with reports indicating that she may be required to remain there for a few more days.

However, there was little information on the nature of her illness. A family spokesman said Mrs Kibaki was “responding well” to treatment.

“She is responding well to treatment and the doctors want to conduct a series of tests to ascertain that there is absolutely no issue that would crop up at any given time,” said Mr Ngare Gituku, the former President Mwai Kibaki’s press secretary .

“As you many know, some tests require 48 hours for results to come out. They (doctors) would like to be with her especially being a weekend so that they can do that properly,” he added on the phone.


He said there was “a range of tests” that required to be done and which had necessitated her stay in hospital.

Separately, a source at the hospital said Mrs Kibaki was expected to remain at the facility for the next “two or three days” for treatment but had been moved from the Intensive Care Unit.

“This is to ensure that every parameter they are interested in is interrogated properly so that when she is released, doctors will have confidence that she is okay,” said the source who is not authorised to speak to the media.

Another source, who cannot be named as they are not the hospital’s spokesmen, said there was strict access to the former First Lady with only close family members being allowed to visit her.


“The family came with their own doctor and nurse and there are strict instructions as to who is allowed into the ward,” the source added.

On Saturday, a check at the hospital showed the facility was devoid of any enhanced security, and private guards could be seen manning the entrance as usual.

Mrs Kibaki was said to have been taken to the hospital on Friday at around 5 am and staff on duty did not immediately recognise her because of the low-key nature of the admission, a source said.


Other reports say she was first treated at Gertrude’s Hospital, which is near her home, before being transferred to Nairobi Hospital.

Mr Gituku had on Friday said it was a “routine check-up”, adding, “there should be no alarm at all”.

Mrs Kibaki has not been seen in public for nearly five years. Her last public function was on August 27, 2010, during the promulgation of the new Constitution.