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Mama Plesident Kingston reveals rape by uncles and pastor

By Thomas Matiko October 25th, 2019 2 min read

YouTube comedienne Brenda Jons popularly known as Mama Plesident Kingston is sorry for breaking the hearts of several men in her quest to seek revenge after she was raped by uncles and sexually assaulted by a pastor.

In an interview with K24, the 22-year-old creative revealed that she was raped twice by different uncles and also sexually assaulted by a pastor.

“I have been a rape victim before. The first time I was five when my uncle raped me and he would do it continually. He threatened to kill me in case I reported him,” Jons disclosed.

The second time Jons was raped by her aunt’s husband at the age of 12 who then dared her to report him saying no one would believe her because he was a man of cloth.

“…this time it was violent because he stuffed socks into my mouth. He then dared me to report him saying nothing could be done. He did it once and told me that’s what he just wanted and even if I reported no one would believe me,” Jons added. Jones once again found herself in the hand of a manipulative pastor.


“He noticed me and told me you are so talented and meant for the church. When I went for the bible study guys were actually leaving he told me I don’t have to go we can talk about it and before I knew it was like 12 midnight. He was telling me how gifted I am and before I knew about it this guy was all over me,” she recalled.

She did not resist the assault. “I didn’t fight him. I was like aah they have done this before just do what you want,” she said.

The next morning, the pastor gave Jons Sh200 and asked her to ensure she doesn’t get pregnant as he did not want his name tarnished.

Ever since, Jons went on a revenge mission pretending to fall in love with men who seduced her only to dump them.

“I would heart-break people for the sake of it. I just wanted to see a man feeling that pain for it to fulfill my ego,” she recalled.

However, she later realised that this was not the right thing to do and regretted it. She stopped hating men and the single girl says she is ready to date any loving Mr Right out there.