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Mambo ni matatu! Wetangula defends Ruto’s ‘graft’ warning

By Mercy Simiyu September 4th, 2023 2 min read

National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula has hailed President William Ruto’s efforts to fight graft.

Speaking on September 3, 2023 in Tigania West, Wetangula defended the Head of State’s stance on how he intends to treat those who steal public resources.

President Ruto has been on the spot from opposition leaders, activists and the Low Society of Kenya (LSK) for promising to among other options, ‘send the corrupt to heaven’.

Wetangula now says the President’s speech should be taken into context.

“In speech-making, we have imagery, figurative speeches, allegories, and parables. Whatever he said, those with the intellect have grasped its essence. However, we have observed that the opposition has seized on his words. Anyone who defends a corrupt individual is, without a doubt, an enemy of Kenya,” Wetang’ula remarked,

President Ruto, in a recent address to Western Kenya leaders at State Lodge in Kakamega, underlined the severe toll that corruption, theft, and misappropriation of public funds have taken on Kenya.

“This is not a mere threat, as some have characterized it. We can no longer afford to tolerate this scourge. We require a lasting solution. All individuals engaged in theft and corruption must desist from their actions,”

“There is no room in our nation for such individuals. They have three options: cease their illicit activities, face legal consequences, or find their solace elsewhere,” President Ruto sternly stated.

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) and human rights groups slammed President Ruto over his remarks on how he intends to deal with sugar cartels in the western part of the country.

LSK President Eric Theuri termed the president’s remarks as detrimental to the functions of the criminal justice system and the rule of law.

And Azimio leader Raila Odinga also said it is wrong for the President to not only threaten Kenyans with deportation, or a ‘journey to heaven’.

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