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Man, 53, charged with rape

A man accused of abducting a woman and keeping her at his Nairobi home has been charged with rape.

At the Kibera law courts, Oliver Muchai alias Mamba, 53,  is accused of raping the victim overnight as her husband sought police help to rescue her on the night of July 5.

Mamba is said to have attacked the woman with a metallic hook which he hooked on her neck and fell her down before dragging her to his wife while twisting the neck to prevent her from raising alarm.

But his relative who had seen him informed the woman’s husband.

He could not however proceed to the house to rescue his wife and sought his neighbour’s help who also feared to join him.

The victim’s husband reported to police that his wife had been abducted and taken to an unknown place and police told him to ask his wife’s whereabouts and keep searching for her before returning the next day.

He returned home and waited the next day and returned to the police the next morning.

On his way back, he found neighbours gathered to recall the previous night’s attack where people were attacked and robbed by gangsters who described Mamba as those in the gang.

He informed the crowds that his wife was missing and was suspected to be a captive in Mamba’s house. The crowds surrounded Mamba’s house while pelting it with stones after he refused to open.

They called out the woman and she responded from within Mamba’s house although he had reportedly attempted to prevent her from alerting the crowds.

The woman was rescued but police were called in to arrest Mamba.

Mamba denied the rape charges before principal magistrate Sharon Maroro and claimed that the crowds mistook him for a thug after he had an argument with his nephew’s girlfriend.

He was released on a Sh300,000 bond. The case will be mentioned on July 22.