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Man abandons wife, four children to live with baboon ‘Josephine’ – VIDEO

A man in Elgeyo Marakwet has left tongues wagging after he abandoned his wife and four children and opted to live with a baboon.

Isack Kibet, a resident of Samar village, started living with the baboon, which he has named Josephine, when it was still a baby.

According to Kibet, he found the baboon in his farm and took him to the nearest police station, where he was given permission to care for the animal.

He said his bond with the animal has grown stronger over the years.

“Kama ningekuwa na uwezo ningempeleka shule hata nimnunulie nguo,” Kibet said.

His wife decided to leave with their four children after he brought the animal home and Kibet narrated that he considers the baboon his fifth child.

Watch his story below: