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Man arrested after chopping wife’s hand

By KNA October 19th, 2019 2 min read

A 35-year-old man has been arrested by police in West Pokot County after he cut off his wife’s right hand.

Confirming the incident, Pokot Central sub county police commander, Bamfort Tsurwa said the suspect John Nyalangole attacked his wife Lilian Chepyatich aged 30-years-old at their home in Runo village on Friday at around midday.

Tsurwa said the man, suspected to be mentally ill, was armed with a bow, arrows and sharp panga and added he had aimed the panga on his wife’s head but fortunately the woman raised her hands and the panga landed on her right hand.

He said all the five fingers were completely detached from her right hand.


Tsurwa said the three children of the suspect were at school during the incident, and added that the suspect seems to have been prepared to kill all the members of his family.

“According to some neighbours it seems like the man had a motive of wiping out his family members. The man had prepared to attack the woman. He first slashed his one goat into pieces until it died. The panga was sharpened,” he said.

He said the suspect is being held at Kapenguria police station and will be charged in court on Tuesday for causing grievous harm.

He added that the woman was rescued by neighbours and police officers who were on their way to the station from Masol ground on parade to practice for Mashujaa Day celebrations.


“The police officers who were coming from Masol ground on parade to practice for Mashujaa day celebration upon reaching Runo primary school they heard people shouting for help and upon stopping to check they found the suspect being beaten by the angry crowd,” he said.

“The crowd landed on the suspect, fortunately the police officers came in to rescue the suspect who was still armed with the arrow, bow and panga. He injured some of the police officers during the rescue mission” he said.

He said the suspect was arrested and together with his wife were rushed to Kapenguria referral hospital for treatment, saying the injured officers were treated at Sigor hospital and discharged.

“The police officers who suffered minor injuries were treated and discharged. The woman is still admitted with serious injuries while the suspect was treated and is being held at Kapenguria police station” he said.