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Man arrested after his wife’s body is found hanging from a tree

By Bruhan Makong November 20th, 2019 1 min read

Police in Wajir County are holding a 26-year-old man after the body of his wife was found hanging from a tree in Meri location, Habaswein Sub-county on Tuesday.

In an interview with the Nation, Habaswein OCPD Benjamin Kimwele confirmed the incident saying that 22-year-old Binta Abdi Abdullahi’s body was found dangling from a tree with a black head scarf wrapped around her neck.


Mr Kimwele said that Abdullahi Ismail Hassan, the area chief reported that one of the residents had informed him about the incident after he came across the dead body in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The sub-county boss said the police visited the scene of the incident and found that the victim’s body had been moved from the scene to her house by her husband, , Adan Ahmed Mumin.

Upon examination, it was discovered that the body had no physical injury, apart from a deep cut around her neck which is believed to have been caused by the scarf around her neck.


A postmortem examination at Dagahaley MSF hospital revealed that the victim died of strangulation.

Mr Kimwele further said that although the incident was earlier reported as suicide, they later arrest the victim’s husband.

“The postmortem results suggested that the victim might have been killed by someone and thus we had to treat her husband as the first suspect,” he said.

He added that witness accounts also point to the husband as the main suspect in the victim’s death, adding that his actions indicate that he attempted to cover up the incident.

The suspect who is in police custody was due to be arraigned on Wednesday.