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Man arrested for assaulting wife’s lover

By KNA February 21st, 2020 1 min read

A man who pounced on another man eloping with his wife and beat him up senseless has been locked up at Kogelo police station in Siaya after members of the public arrested the three and frog-marched them to the station.

Onyango Otiu, 50, spent Tuesday night in the police cells while surprisingly his wife, together with the alleged lover, was released.

According to Kogelo sub-location assistant chief, Ezekiel Ochieng, Otiu stormed Samuel Omondi’s house at Nyang’oma Kogelo trading centre and found his wife, who had left her matrimonial home four days earlier.

“The wife, Dorice Auma, had left him to allegedly attend a funeral vigil in a neighbouring homestead only to disappear for four days,” said the assistant chief.

Ochieng said that Otiu got wind that his wife, whom he had frantically searched for days, was having a good time with Omondi within the trading centre.

“He went to the house and found the two lovebirds together,” said the chief adding that in a fit of rage, Otiu descended on them with kicks and blows as they screamed for help.

“The screams attracted members of the public who arrived on time to save the besieged lovers and frog-marched the trio to Kogelo police station,” said Ochieng.

In a twist of events, the lovebirds were released soon after, as Otiu was locked in to await arraignment in court on assault charges.