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Man arrested for threatening estate night guards with gun

A man has been placed under police custody for reportedly threatening night security guards in his neigbourhood with a gun for not protecting his house well enough.

The man, who has been identified as Eric Mbiu, of Eagles Plane estate, Nairobi is reported to have arrived home just after 4am on Wednesday and subjected the night guards to the ordeal which latest over half an hour.

According to one of the guards, their tormentor came home and he opened the gate for him as usual.

Mr Mbiu then went to his house only to return moments later and started claiming that there had been an attempt to break into his house.

He demanded that the guards produce the suspect.


He then entered his car, drew his gun and ordered the four guards to follow him on foot as his driver drove along.

At the house, the guards were instructed to search around the gate, with more claims of a burglary coming from the tenant.

Still not satisfied, Mbiu turned his attention to one of the guards, Mr Samuel Machio, while brandishing his firearm.

He kept claiming that people had tried to switch off his lights from the meter box.

He would later release them after reviewing his CCTV footage and daring the guards to report the incident wherever they wished.

Mbiu was later arrested and detained at Industrial Area Police Station as police launched investigations to ascertain if he is a licensed firearm holder.

The area OCPD confirmed that the incident had reported at the station and that investigations are ongoing.