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Kakamega man batters wife senseless for voting

By LINET WAFULA October 29th, 2017 1 min read

A man in Kakamega County is reported to have beat his wife senseless accusing her of voting in the repeat presidential election on October 26 against his wish.

Ezekiel Kitiavi confronted his wife as she was walking back home from Mugai polling station in Malava constituency on polling day.

He then reportedly descended on her with slaps while warning her not to ever participate in the exercise against his will.

“It is common knowledge that I’m a Nasa supporter yet my wife sneaked to go and vote for Jubilee,” he told journalists.


Kakamega County is widely considered a Nasa zone, a factor justified by the poor voter turnout in the area on October 26.

Analysts attributed this turnout to the announcement by opposition leader Raila Odinga that his voters should stay away from the exercise.

Precisely, only 48,808 voters of the registered 746,800 registered voters in the area turned up to vote in the repeat elections. This represents a lowly five percent voter turnout.

This is despite most of the polling stations in the area having been opened in good time.