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Man beaten up for offering to pay for sex with boiled egg

A Zimbabwean sex worker injured a man with a beer bottle after he offered to pay for sex with a boiled egg.

The man Moses Mushonga, 28, walked up to the young lady of the night in the town of Mvurwi in Mashonaland province.

He leaned on her chest and touched her breasts before offering what he termed as his only possession.

According to Daily Mail, Mushonga told 23-year-old Chipo that he had spent his remaining cash on two boiled eggs and eaten one already, offering to give her the remaining egg for sex.

“Insulted by his attitude Chipo flew into a rage, hitting him with the beer bottle, and then punched him in the face, before knocking him out,” reported the outlet.


Mushonga who was bleeding heavily told journalists that Chipo should not have beaten him up as “she could have just said no.”

Chipo, who was not charged by police, said she simply felt he needed to be taught a lesson about respect.

Earlier this year the Weekend Post newspaper reported that the economy was so bad that sex workers had reduced their prices to 0.8 Zimbabwe dollars – equivalent to half a loaf of bread.