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Man beats up mother demanding to be shown his father

A 55-year-old man roughed up his 88-year-old mother and destroyed her handbag and phone for failure to show him his father has been charged with assault.

John Kainuthia is accused of unlawfully beating up and injuring his mother Naomi Kamuyu at her home in Riruta, Nairobi on January 21.

The suspect is said to have punched his mother on the ribs where he injured her before throwing away her crutches. She screamed for help and was rescued by members of the public.

Kinuthia is also charged with causing malicious damage and creating a disturbance.

In the malicious damage count, Kinuthia is accused of wilfully and unlawfully cutting his mother’s handbag worth Sh200 into pieces and destroying her Sh15,000 Samsung phone in it.

Kinuthia, who is his mother’s last born son, is also accused of creating disturbance after he threatened to kill his mother for not showing him his father, while armed with a knife before he was disarmed.

He had accosted his mother demanding to be given his share of her rentals to be collecting rent which she refused.

The suspect is said to have demanded to be told of his father’s whereabouts to get his identity but she reportedly told him she didn’t know his father.

Kinuthia denied the charges before senior principal magistrate Derrick Kuto of Kibera law courts.

He claimed, through a lawyer, that family interventions are underway and there is a possibility of resolving the matter out of court.

Kinuthia was freed on a Sh100,000 bond and an alternative cash bail of Sh30,000.