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Man beats up wife in quarrel over sukumawiki – VIDEO

A man has pleaded guilty to slapping her wife twice in succession, adding the move was aimed to stop her from cursing him after she undressed to spell a curse on him during a physical confrontation.

Collins Mudaida, a gardener in Lavington, Nairobi, admitted assault charges before senior principal magistrate Derrick Kutto of Kibera law courts, claiming his wife had undressed to curse him with intention of making him unable to sire children.

He retaliated by assaulting and causing actual bodily injuries to Mercy Kangehi on April 1 at their home in Kangemi, Westlands, sub county of Nairobi.

The court heard that Mudaida returned home at around 9pm and was served food but poured the stew into his wife’s plate claiming she had served him too much Sukuma wiki.

In the facts of the case read out in court by prosecution counsel Nancy Kerubo, Mudaida’s wife asked him why he poured the stew yet he does not bring food home and sleeps elsewhere.

But Mudaida told her that his mother had found him another wife and asked her to leave but she asked him what will happen to their two children and he said he will organise how to take care of them.

During the argument, Mudaida lost his cool and descended on her with blows and kicks and injured her on private parts and spinal cord as she struggled with him to flee and she eventually fled.

Neighbours talked to him to allow her spend the night and she went to the hospital the next day.

Mudaida admitted the facts of the case as read out in court.

In mitigation, he told Kuto that his wife had already partly undressed while cursing him in presence of their children against the Luhya traditions but Kuto told him to speak for himself without involving Luhyas. Mudaida said his wife had hurled a curse at him that he shall not sire any other children.

Kuto ordered for a social inquiry report to be tabled on Friday before sentencing Mudaida.