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Man beats up wife over ‘suspicious’ phone call

March 5th, 2021 1 min read

A man who beat up and threw out his wife after accusing her of infidelity pleaded guilty to assault charges at Makadara law courts.

Malukhu Akim alias Kaka Kim was charged with assaulting and causing actual bodily injuries to his wife Nakuti Everlyne at his house in the Kosovo area, Mathare slums, on February 21.

He admitted the charges before chief magistrate Angelo Kithinji and claimed he was angry.

The court heard that Akim returned home and snatched his wife’s phone to see who she had communicated with during the day.

He scrolled through the calls, identified one caller and he suspected was in a love affair with her, and asked her to explain.

Akim then beat up the complainant and threw her out. He injured her with a blunt object before she screamed for help prompting neighbours to intervene and rescue her.

He was arrested after the matter was reported at Muthaiga police station.

Prosecution counsel Cosmas Kilambyo produced a P3 form that detailed injuries sustained by the complainant. The case will be mentioned on March 15.