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Man blocks Uhuru’s official car

A man on Wednesday walked to the middle of the road and blocked President Uhuru Kenyatta’s moving car for up to seven seconds.

Nairobi News understands the incident occurred around the Lucky Summer area, in Nairobi.

President Kenyatta was in the area to commission a Sh300 million slaughterhouse.

The President was in the car at the time the incident happened which means it is the second time in less than a week the Head of State’s security has been breached.

President Kenyatta is the most protected man in the country.

Footage shows the President’s convoy, consisting dozens of cars passing by as curious observers watch from the side of what appears to be a narrow road.

The man who eventually obstructs the President’s car is seen standing at the roadside from the start of the video.

He remains at his position for 16 seconds as three cars attached to the President’s entourage pass him.

Incidentally, one of the security detail in the car ahead of the presidential motorcade appears to gesture towards the intruder, using a walkie-talkie in his hand, that he should remain at the side of the road.

But he does not heed to this advice.

Upon spotting the President’s official car, the intruder confidently moves to the middle of the road and blocks its passage while raising his hands in the air, forcing it to momentarily stop.

The President who is seated at the front passenger seat is forced to momentarily close his window.


These actions also cause a policeman riding one of the motorbikes escorting the President’s car to lose balance.

In a split second, a few other people at the roadside also attempt to move closer to the President’s car but they, alongside this intruder, are repulsed by the President’s security detail which violently pushes him off the road.

The man is then placed under custody by a policeman who is seen leading him away.

Six days ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s security detail was also forced to fend off another intruder who attempted to walk towards the Head of State when he was addressing a function in Lamu town.

The incident which was partly covered on Live TV occurred as the President was reading his speech at the main dais, moments after commissioning the country’s newest port.

As per the footage seen by Nairobi News, the presence of the intruder who is partly hidden from the camera is noticed by the President’s hawk-eyed aide de camp, who is then forced to move from his official position behind his boss so as to possibly confront him.

The interaction forces the President to momentarily pause his speech, even as he moves behind from his original position in front of the microphone as if to avoid confrontation with the intruder.

By that time, other security persons dressed in civilian outfits appear to guard the President.