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Man breaks into military barracks, steals firearm

Police in Thika have launched a manhunt for a man who is reported to have stolen a firearm at a military barracks.

A police report seen by Nairobi News revealed two military officers stationed at the Twelve Engineers Batallion in Thika Barracks identified as Mr John Kibaki and Mr Alvin Nyasio reported that a person unknown to them broke into the Standby post.

“They reported that a person unknown to them accessed the standby post near the officers’ mess by breaking the window panes and stole from therein a firearm make AK47 of Butt number 892 and serial number 6412340,” the report read in part.

It further revealed that the firearm was assigned to Mr Kenneth Mbae and it was loaded with a magazine that had 30 rounds of ammunition.

The incident, happened as Mr Mbae and four other officers were having a shower at a building that is located about 100 meters from the police post.

When the officers came back to the post they also found that a mobile phone belonging to another officer known as Kinyua was also missing.

It is believed that an officer identified as Paul Minai Gichuhi who was working with the five until his dismissal and clearance which took place on Monday afternoon was the main suspect.

“The officer was seen at the standby post on Monday evening, hours after he had been cleared and allowed to go home,” the report further revealed.

On the morning of Tuesday, April 26, 2022, detectives drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and regular officers did not manage to recover the firearm.

Currently, detectives are still in pursuit of the suspect who is yet to be arrested.

It is worth noting that any civilian found with a gun meant for security organs just like in the above case risks life imprisonment as proposed by the 2015 Statue Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill.

According to the Firearms Act, 2012 civilians cannot be given riffles like an Ak47, MP5, and a G3.

The Act states that for one to own a firearm they may have to meet a number of requirements before being handed the weapon.

“Owning a firearm in Kenya will cost the person who wants it between Sh100,000 and Sh350,000,” the Firearms Act reads in part.

Other requirements include; one has to be 21 years and above, must be trained in handling firearms, should have a clear criminal record, and should be mentally stable and of sane mind.

It is worth noting that the kind of firearm that should be handed to civilians is always limited.