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Man burns to death inside his Subaru car in Buruburu

Residents of Buruburu phase 5 estate on Wednesday woke up to a gruesome scene of a man burnt to death inside a vehicle.

What baffled the residents was that the body of the 36-year-old victim, whom we can’t identify for ethical reasons, was well placed on the driver’s seat. Only the car’s interior was burnt with the exterior completely clean.

Buruburu SCPC Adamson Bungei said they were currently treating it as a fire incident and the remains were of a male adult.

“As of now we cannot divulge much and we can only treat it as a fire incident and once we finish the various investigations, we are following then we can know what transpired, but for now it is a fire incident,” Bungei told Nairobi News on the phone.

According to the police, the father of two lived with his wife and their children in a house adjacent to where the incident happened.

The incident was reported by the chairman of the court after being alerted by security guards manning the court that there was a vehicle on fire.

The fire was put out by the Nairobi fire brigade who were called in.

He added that they will know more after an autopsy has been conducted.

His remains were taken to City Mortuary.