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Man charged with bullying girlfriend to abort

By Joseph Ndunda January 21st, 2020 1 min read

A woman allegedly intimidated by her ex-boyfriend to procure an abortion claimed she is fearing for her life after receiving numerous threats from her ex and strangers believed to be his allies.

Brenda Charity Opiyo claimed that she was kidnapped and sent warning messages by strangers.

She made the claims before Makadara law courts where her ex-boyfriend Kelvin Gikundi Mwenda was charged with intimidating her. Mwenda is charged with threatening to cause unlawful injury to Brenda with intend to cause her procure abortion.

He is charged alongside others at large. He denied the charges before chief magistrate Heston Nyaga.

In court, Brenda claimed she was summoned by officers at Kasarani police station after Mwenda lodged a complaint against her.

Mwenda admitted lodging the complaint. Brenda also alleged that Kasarani police officers demanded bribes to act on threats against her life, which prompted her to move to Buruburu police station.

Nyaga cut her short to hear her testimony in camera owing to sensitivity of the details involved, where he set bond terms and hearing dates.