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Man charged with robbing hawker who refused to pay Sh50 daily ‘protection fee’

By Joseph Ndunda January 21st, 2020 1 min read

A suspected extortionist who allegedly robbed a hawker of a pair of sport shoes after he refused to give Sh50 demanded in menaces was charged with armed robbery.

Samuel Ngule Muya was accused of robbing Tony Makau of a pair of sports shoes in Gikomba market on January 10 while armed with a knife.

He had allegedly demanded between Sh50 and Sh200 for several days threatening he would close the business.

Muya had allegedly visited Makau’s stand several times and warned him to pay him the money.

On the day of the incident, he is said to have robbed him and took the shoes telling the complainant he would continue wearing them until he starts paying for operating in the area.

The suspect was arrested by cops while wearing the shoes.

He denied the charges before Makadara chief magistrate Heston Nyaga. He was freed on a Sh300, 000 bond. Hearing of the case will start on May 12.