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Man charged with stock-theft after detaining ‘ng’ombe chokora’ in his farm

A Ruai farmer was charged with stock-theft after two missing “ng’ombe chokoras” were found at his home.

John Gachie was accused of stealing two cows worth Sh205,000 from Joshua Simel Poria on June 20 but he claimed the animals strayed into his farm.

He was also charged with an alternative count of handling stolen goods. He is believed to have sold the third before the owner found him.

Gachie is accused of dishonestly detaining the animals knowing or with reasons to believe them to be stolen goods or unlawfully obtained.

The owner of the animals found them at Gachie’s farm and posed as a customer interested in buying them and Gachie allegedly offered them for sale.

He denied the charges before senior resident magistrate Steve Jalang’o of Makadara law courts.

The suspect was freed on a cash bail of Sh5,000. Hearing of the case starts on September 23.