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Man in trouble for threatening to kill ex-wife

By Joseph Ndunda January 11th, 2022 1 min read

A man suspected of attempting to stab his ex-wife amid infidelity accusations has been slapped with a charge of threatening to kill at Kibera law courts.

Munyao Muia was accused of threatening to kill his former wife Esther Wayua on January 7 in Lindi within Kibera in Nairobi.

Wayua had returned from work when she found Muia in the house and he allegedly confronted her violently claiming she had come from a man’s place and not from work.

Muia allegedly hurled insults at Wayua before he brandished a knife uttering words nitakuua (I will kill you). Wayua escaped and fled to he neighbours where Muia pursued her while armed with the knife.

Elders intervened and arrested Muia and recovered the knife. He was then escorted to Kibra police station. Muia denied the charges before senior principal magistrate Derrick Kutto.

He was freed on a cash bail of Sh300,000 and an alternative bond of a similar amount.

The case will be mentioned on January 27.