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Man charged with using handcuffs to commit crime

By Joseph Ndunda February 14th, 2022 1 min read

A man allegedly found with a pair of handcuffs was charged with preparation to commit a crime of impersonation and possession of government stores.

Possession of government stores is an offence of having in possession items whose use is limited to members of disciplined services.

David Ochieng Ouma was charged with preparing to commit a felony of impersonating a police officer in kwa Misango area of Kawangware in Nairobi on February 7 ,2022.

Prosecution says he was found with the handcuffs in circumstances that indicated he was intending to impersonate a cop.

Ouma was arrested after police received a tip off that he was seen with the handcuffs by a member of the public who called a senior cop at Muthangari police station to inform him.

The senior cop dispatched two officers to the scene where they searched Ouma’s house and allegedly recovered the handcuffs.

Ouma denied the charges before senior principal magistrate Esther Bhoke.

He was freed on a bond of Sh200,000 with a surety of a like sum and an alternative cash bail of Sh80,000. The case will be mentioned on February 24.