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Man chops off his genitals while watching hardcore porn

A 30-year-old man in Thailand is nursing serious injuries after slicing his genitals while watching porn.

The man is reported to have been rushed to a Thailand hospital after he was ‘sent into a frenzy’ while watching ‘hardcore porn’ on his phone at home.

According to local news channels, the man took a knife and he began to slice the skin from his penis, causing an ‘uncontrollable’ flow of blood.

Seeing the blood, the man panicked and called emergency services while attempting to stem the blood loss himself.

When medics arrived, he was found naked, covered in blood and holding his genitals at his apartment in Bangkok on Monday night.


When quizzed by medics, he told them he had been watching porn when the incident happened and lay the blame on the videos for making him want to attack his penis, but wouldn’t go into further detail.

The man was unwilling to co-operate fully and blamed the videos for making him get too excited, according to paramedic who took the gruesome photos.

The medics provided medical assistance and transferred him to hospital where his injuries were treated and he is said to be recovering.

The man is reported to have suffered no long-term damage to his member, although he will be left with a scar.

Officers from the local police station who were informed of the bloodbath said no charges would be brought against the man because he caused the injuries himself.