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Man chops off part of his genitals after failing to find lover

An 18-year-old man is admitted at the Kakamega county general hospital after he allegedly mutilated his private parts using a razor blade in protest of unapproachable women in the area.

The farm hand, identified as Timothy Ofwaya, is alleged to have chopped off his organs in a chilling incident that has left villagers in Sirigoi village in shock after he complained that he had been frustrated by women he approached for a relationship.

The young man is reported to have locked himself in a room and severed the private parts late on Wednesday.

His father, Glayton Ofwayo said he was shocked by what his son had done and could not comprehend what had driven him into the bizarre act.


He said his son had earlier shown signs of depression but had not said what was troubling him.

Mzee Ofayo said his son had recently suffered from malaria but recovered after receiving treatment. He said he was still in shock over what had happened to his son.

“My son rushed out of the house bleeding and without his pants. We quickly went to find out what had happened and realized he had mutilated his sexual organs,” said his father.

The Kakamega county general hospital. PHOTO | FILE
The Kakamega county general hospital. PHOTO | FILE

They rushed the victim to the nearby Bushiri health centre for treatment and later transferred to the Kakamega general hospital.

The victim said he was frustrated after women he approached for a relationship turned him down. He said he had decided to sever one of his testicles after failing to win the love of women he approached.


Ofwayo had earlier told villagers that he would do something that would shock the whole world in the next few days before he withdrew from family members.

A clinical officer at Bushiri health centre Joel Kuyo said the patient ,who was taken to the facility bleeding profusely, had lost a lot of blood.

“We examined the patient and decided to have him transferred to the County hospital for further treatments since he was threatening to chop off the remaining part of his sexual organs,” said Mr Kuyo.

Family members said they hoped Ofwoya will recover and be able to overcome the traumatic experience had undergone.