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Man disrupts church service to protest wrong sex details on his birth certificate

A 21-year-old man interrupted a church service in Mombasa after he took to the podium to castigate his mother for failing to change his birth certificate from female to male.

Mr William Wanjohi, formerly a tout in Nairobi caused a stir, while holding the birth certificate, which indicated that he was female.

“I have a problem with my birth certificate because for 21 years, it has shown that I am female. My mother has never made any effort of changing it,” Wanjohi said while fighting tears.

“This is not my life, I want my life.”

The man’s mother, who was also attending the service, had to be called to calm him down.

Ms Esther Wagwama said she brought the son to church to talk to the youth pastor in belief of what will be the genesis of solving her son’s ailment.


However, Ms Wagwama blamed her son for drug abuse and associating with bad company.

“He confessed to be using bhang and I really want him to change his behaviour,” said Ms Wagwama

Asked why she had never bothered on changing her son’s birth certificate, Ms Wagwama said she never thought it was a problem.

“When I gave birth, the nurses at the hospital took my baby with them and I spent some time without seeing him and when I requested for my baby, they brought me a baby girl. But I protested because I knew I had given birth to a baby boy,” Ms Wagwama narrated.


“Since the nurses had already registered him as a female in the birth certificate, I never bothered changing it,” Ms Wagwama said.

A police officer stationed at the church asked Ms Wagwama to change his son’s birth certificate as soon as possible.

“There is a problem here and it is sad for a male’s birth certificate to read female. Make sure it is replaced,” the officer told Ms Wagwama.

Youth Event organizer Mr Benjamin Macharia said Mr Wanjohi was taken to Changamwe police station where documentation of his papers to the rehabilitation center will be processed.

“We took him to Changamwe Police Station and we were not able to book his space at a rehabilitation center. So we are hoping for results in the course of the week,” Mr Macharia said.