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Man claiming to be Ntimama’s son loses bid to have burial stopped

By MAUREEN KAKAH September 9th, 2016 1 min read

A 46-year-old man has lost in his bid have the court stop the burial of veteran politician William Ole Ntimama who he claims was his father.

Mr George Njoroge, who claims the former Cabinet Minister left his mother to single-handedly raise him, had moved to court to get orders barring Kilimani Police Station from releasing the late Ntimama’s burial permit. He also wanted Lee Funeral Home barred from releasing the body until a DNA test is conducted.

He wanted Ms Dorcas Pedelai Ntimama, wife of deceased and her children barred from taking the body for burial until his case is heard and determined.

However, in his ruling, High Court Judge Joseph Onguto said there is no urgency in getting DNA tests that would necessitate the burial to be stopped.


The judge has said that the test could even have been taken in the last one year considering that his lawyer insisted that the two were had been in touch only that Mr Karanja had  not been introduced to the late minister’s family.

In his application, Mr Njoroge claimed that he only leanrt about his paternity in 1998 after pressurizing his mother to tell him who his father was since many people kept telling him that he resembled the deceased.

Mr Njoroge said he feared coming out in the open since people would have criticised him but that he had met the late Cabinet Minister on several occasions over tea on his invitation at the politician’s Narok North rural home.

As a son of the late Cabinet Minister, Mr Njoroge said, he wanted to actively participate in the burial proceedings but is apprehensive that he will face hostility.