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Man claims Babu Owino’s security detail assaulted him

By Amina Wako January 18th, 2020 1 min read

A man has come-out to claim that he was assaulted by Embakassi East MP Babu Owino’s security team hours before the alleged shooting of Frank Onjira alias DJ Evolve.

Mark Okwari said that he arrived at B Club at around 1am on Friday and joined Mr Owino at the VIP section.

Moments later differences emerged between Mr Okwari and the lawmaker which saw Mr Owino’s security team throw the man out.

“They were really physical as they started fighting me from inside the club and threw me out. It is there that they became more physical,” he said.

Mr Okwari then decided to report the matter at Kilimani Police station and was issued with a OB number over the matter.

The victim then went back to the club on Friday morning in search of a CCTV footage that captured how he was assaulted only to get several journalists at the premises.

“I asked for the footage but unfortunately they told me that the camera had been switched off when the incident took place,” Mr Okwari said.

It is on the same day that the lawmaker shot DJ Evolve on his neck after they had an argument.

The DJ was rushed to Nairobi Hospital and placed under the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The case is being investigated by DCI detectives attached to Kilimani Police Station.