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Man commits suicide after being dumped by wife

A 35-year-old petrol station attendant committed suicide on Friday by stabbing his throat with a knife after his wife dumped him.

Mr Kennedy Fundi arrived at the local market in Embu county, and picked a sharp knife from a vendor then jokingly poked his neck before running about 50 metres and killing himself.

Traders at the market were left shocked by the incident.


Embu East OCPD Peter Thenya said the deceased had traveled to his rural home in Mbiruri village on Thursday, about two kilometres from Runyenjes town, where he had attempted to commit suicide over a domestic matter.

The man had tried to hang himself using wires but was rescued by members of the public.

According to the residents, the deceased was angry that his wife had left him and efforts for to reconcile with her had hit a snag.

A day later he killed himself in public as shocked villagers looked on.

“He snatched the knife and stabbed himself in the neck but the injury was not serious. He then ran a few metres away where he inflicted the fatal stab and dropped in a heap,” said the police boss.

“He died while being rushed to hospital. The reason behind his action has not been established,” he said.


“But it could be a case of mental illness. We appeal to people who are disturbed in any way to seek assistance from trusted family members and spiritual leaders instead of taking their own lives,”.

Mr Peter Muturi, a local photographer, said the incident sent the usually busy town to a standstill, with majority of the traders fleeing from the scene.

“Initially, people thought that he was joking and would not take his life. He poked his neck but didn’t bleed. That’s when he ran and stabbed himself. People were shocked since his blood was flowing the way it does when you slaughter a goat,” he said.