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Man commits suicide after killing girlfriend in suspected love triangle

By REITZ MUREITHI September 19th, 2017 2 min read

Residents of Tayari in the outskirts of Molo town were on Monday night shocked by an incident where a man stabbed his girlfriend to death before hanging himself.

It appeared that the 25-year-old man, a boda boda rider identified as Dan, had tried to stab himself and drink pesticide, before he opted for the rope.

The girlfriend, also 25, was found in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds on the chest, neck and stomach.


Residents who spoke to Nation said the two were engaged in a heated argument before screams were heard coming from the house.

One of the neighbours, Andrew Marwa said he heard loud screams from the house at around 7pm, but could not save the situation since the house had a metallic door that was difficult to break.

“At first I thought it was a thief but when I reached that house I was told Dan had killed his girlfriend and killed himself. I think if the neighbours were there we would have been able to stop it,” a distraught Marwa said.

One of the residents who broke into the house told Nation that the two were dead by the time the neighbors gained access.

“We found the house in a mess. Some of the cups were broken while a strong smell of the pesticide filled the air,” said Mr Silas Awiti.


A suicide note left behind implied that the girl was having a love affair with another man; something Dan could not tolerate.

“I love her so much she can’t date another man while I’m still alive. It is so stupid for me to do this but why should I live?” the note read in part.

Paul Itume, a village elder, lamented the fact that the neighbours were oblivious of the screams by the girl during the argument and during the attack.

“Had the neighbors taken the matter seriously and broken into the house promptly, that girl would have been saved,” Mr Itume said.


He expressed fear over the frequent cases of women being killed by their lovers or husbands in Molo town, saying the issue needed to be addressed.

While confirming the tragic incident, Molo deputy county commissioner Mr David Wanyonyi said the killing was love related but added that further investigations into what transpired were underway.

“It is true the incident happened. Officers from the DCIO are on the case to investigate any other issues that might have led to the unfortunate incident,” said Mr Wanyonyi.