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Man cries foul after scoring a D in KCSE for the third time – VIDEO

A 43 year old man is calling for an audit to be done on the 2016 KCSE results after scoring a mean grade of D plain for the third time, sighting irregularities in the marking.

Patrick Ngigi dropped out of school while at form two 27 years ago. His desire to go back to school came back later in his life since he wanted to join university to study psychology.

His first attempt was in the year 2015 where he scored a D plain. After a remark of the same exam he was able to attain a D plus. Last year he took the examination and attained a grade of D plain, taking him back to his first score.


His belief that the results might be wrong stems from the fact that he scored a D plus in CRE, a subject he says he did not see any question that was difficult, for he is an ardent Seventh Day Adventists.

He claims that his knowledge of the Bible should have given him the desired results in the subject.

“The Cabinet Secretary for Education should do the audit for the 2016 KCSE results. I personally support this and I ask other students who feel the same way to raise their voices,” said Mr Ngigi.