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Who is this man claiming to be the new ‘president’ of Kenya?

A photo of a man on the streets on Nairobi holding a placard claiming he is the new ‘president’ of Kenya has shocked the internet.

The unidentified man dressed in a teal shirt and beige trousers braved the Nairobi rain just to pass his startling message.

He ‘declared’ himself the firth President of the Republic of Kenya just days to the repeat presidential election slated for Thursday October 26.

The photo was captured and shared online eliciting varied reactions with some thinking it was funny while others blamed it on the tense political climate in the country.

Kenyans are heading to a repeat presidential election despite the withdrawal of the opposition candidate Raila Odinga and court ruling that included fringe candidate Ekuru Aukot in the ballot.

The election has been marred by anti-IEBC protests and the resignation of a commissioner Roselyn Akombe who said the independent body cannot hold a credible election.

So the declaration by the unidentified man that he is the new president reminded Kenyans of the woes the country has endured this political season.