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Man denies beating wife, says she is unfaithful

A husband has insisted before court that he’s never beaten his wife of two decades.

And Joseph Maina also expressed his shock as to how his wife would lie to the police that he’d assaulted him and caused bodily harm.

While testifying before Milimani Chief Magistrate Wendy Kagendo Michemi, Maina emphasized that he loved his wife so much as per God’s will touching on couples.

“I’m shocked my wife could lie to the police that l assaulted her yet she is the one who has been unfaithful,” Maina told the court.

“I’ve never pointed a finger to my beloved wife nor have I exhibited any cruelty to her for the last 21 years we have been married.”

“Do you mean you have never pointed a finger to your wife? asked the magistrate.

She further asked him, “If you want this court to believe you then why did she report to the police you assaulted her?

In answer, Maina let the cat out of the bag saying “my wife has been cheating on me that’s why she moved fast to incriminate me before I could ask her about her behavior.”

The accused asked the court to note that the alleged offence was committed on August 12 2021 at Ngara estate within Nairobi County.

“If it is true that I assaulted her on August 21 2021 why has she waited all this while before I was arrested on January 5, 2022, then produced in court after spending days in police remand.”

Maina further added “My God who brought Magdalene Waithera into my life knows that l have never been cruel or violent to her. Let her come before this court to state the naked truth.”

State prosecutor Alexander Gikunda did not oppose his bail plea.

The magistrate released Maina on a cash bail of Ksh 20,000 then directed the case to be resolved by the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) department within two weeks.

She directed the probation office to facilitate the resolution of the marital dispute given Maina’s disclosures then file a report with the court.