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Man dies mysteriously after being arrested by police in changaa den

Residents of Masiolo village in Makhokho sub-location in Kakamega South Sub County engaged police in running battles to protest the death of a villager who collapsed and died after being arrested by police officers during a crackdown on an illicit brew den on Saturday.

Villagers protesting the death of the man, identified as Ernest Shikoli, armed themselves with stones and pelted the officers during the 5 pm incident at Masiolo village in Makhokho sub-location.

The villagers barricaded the busy Kakamega-Kisumu road at Makhokho market with stones accusing the law enforcers of brutality during the arrest of the old man and other suspects found at the chang’aa den.


The assistant chief for Makhokho sub-location Mr Alfred Mukaisi rushed to the scene and pleaded for calm among the villagers as the matter was being investigated.

The western region police coordinator Mr Moses Ombati dismissed claims that the man had been shot dead during the the incident.

“The man was in the homestead where the illicit brew was being sold. He collapsed and died in unclear circumstances but the matter is being investigated,” said Mr Ombati