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Man dies by suicide after wife leaves him

By Nyaboga Kiage January 27th, 2023 2 min read

A man in Mwingi town, Kitui County, reportedly took his own life after his wife left him.

Mr Joshua Tungu, a middle-aged boda boda operator died by suicide following a heated disagreement with his wife of three years.

Area residents said Mr Tungu took his life by hanging himself using a rope inside a rented house within the town.

His body was discovered hanging from the roof top of the house by a neighbour.

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“I was in my house when I heard a commotion in his house, when I tried to check what was happening I saw him hanging from the rooftop,” said Mr Maluki.

It is then that he made a decision to alert neighbours on what was transpiring.

The neighbour said he was disturbed by the sounds that were emanating from the house in which the deceased lived with the wife.

Neighbours told the media that the deceased was always friendly and he engaged well with his neighbors.

They said that he rarely spoke but had in the past had a disagreement with his wife.

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In one incident, the neighbours said, the wife fled their home when the man had gone to work.

It is then that the deceased started threatening to take his own life, prompting his brother to come and live with him.

However, the day his brother stepped out, he was called and informed that the man had taken his life.

In the year 2021, a total of 500 people reportedly died by suicide in a span of three months which was way higher compared to all the suicides cases the previous year.

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